Mining Sector / Mining Investing

Crossland International connects mining investors with small scale miners seeking capital, infrastructure and sustainable development partnerships in Zambia.  We have relationships with local miners and authorities who either have the land or run small scale operations that are known and proven to have minerals and are ready for further exploration or up-scaling. Our aim is to connect local small scale miners with suitable investors. To the investors, we offer vetted partners and access to local resources. We are in the business of finding opportunities and creating lasting/impactful partnerships that benefit all parties involved. Reach out to us today to learn more.


Sports Agent

Over the years, we have developed relationships with Zambian Soccer stars who have turned into administrators and/or trainers on the Zambian Soccer scene. Not only do we have the relationships, we also have the knowledge and expertise that are required in the Sports Management Industry. From contract negotiations to monitoring and fostering athletic development, we are positioned to find the best talent in the country. We are not limited to connecting and finding talent in Zambia. Our global relationships and connections allow us to work with athletes and clubs across the globe. If you are a star athlete who is interested in representation, reach out to us to discuss your career and learn more about what we have to offer.