Efforts to improve healthcare around the world have led to strategic partnerships with quality manufactures around the globe—and the ability to supply Zambia with the best laboratory supplies on the market today.

NATIONWIDE, September 23, 2014 —When speaking in terms of medical and laboratory supplies, there are many countries in which manufactures do not reside—meaning that supplies must be imported from afar. Where this becomes a challenge, is that such supplies are already an expense—which is further increased when imported. Without quality supplies, quality medical services are more difficult to achieve.

It is for this reason that Crossland International Incorporation CEO Alexandrer Vomo has been working diligently to build strategic partnerships with manufacturers around the globe—to offer laboratory supplies in Zambia, and other countries within Africa.

“Quality simply cannot be sacrificed when it comes to lab supplies. Whether required for access to the most modern medical testing, or general scientific and medical needs—we ensure that each and every one of the products we export is of highest quality.” CEO Alexandrer Vomo

This past June, Vomo traveled to China and Japan to secure partnerships with the most well-respected names in laboratory products. This lead to a partnership with Biologix Group Ltd, who has been supplying premium scientific and biomedical supplies since 2000—but did not currently have a distributor for laboratory supplies in Zambia.

“We are excited to have secured our partnership with Biologix Group, and are committed to negotiating the best prices for our consumers—to ensure they can deliver the best quality care to their patients.”

Crossland International Incorporation was launched in 2012. In their short time in business, the startup has successfully secured distribution in 5 countries, including Zambia.

To learn more please visit https://crosslandinternational.com/.