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Who We Are

As specialists in China and North America, sourcing and trade consulting for the Chinese and American markets, we facilitate trading partnerships between our customers and clients across the world.

We are a proud member of so many manufacturing companies and our Atlanta, Georgia office is the first branch office in North America. Crossland International is run by a leadership team with successful international trading and consulting experience.

Trade Consulting for the Chinese and North American Markets.

As part of the products and services we provide, Crossland International has been building trade channels in the Chinese and North American markets for a long time, we can bring your products into these regions quickly and cost-effectively. Our advisory services and one-stop solutions empower you to build your business without exposing yourself to unnecessary risks. Wherever your target markets are located, we have local resources on the ground to assist you. Our team of salespeople, logistics experts, door-to-door delivery people, and market researchers will provide up-to-the-minute feedback on how your products are performing.

In North America, we possess comprehensive business capabilities. Our experienced professionals possess extensive trade backgrounds and have established productive industry relationships with government officials and trade development organizations.

Crossland International works with a highly select group of clients. This allows us to take a systematic approach to cultivating successful trade relationships while keeping costs as low as possible. Regardless of the stage of your operations from start-up to mature enterprise—our services will help your company thrive in these markets.

Alexander Vomo. Operations Director
Crossland International, Inc.

Crossland International Incorporation (“CII”) is incorporated in Atlanta Georgia of the USA. Our footprint also covers Canada, UK & Mainland Europe as well as the fast developing Countries of the Middle East, China, Japan, Africa & South America

CII has Associate, Affiliate & Partner Companies and Offices in South America (Brazil & Argentina), Eastern Europe (Cyprus & Turkey), Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Business Classification:

CII is a Dealership/Distribution Company of Quality Engineering Products for the Mining, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Chemical Manufacturing, Energy (Electricity, Oil & Gas) and Water Utilities, Construction, Transport & Logistics (Air, Rail & Road), IT and Telecommunications as well as Printing Industries.

Our Leverage

CII holds Franchise, Dealership & Partnership Licenses with reputable Manufacturers in North America (Canada & the USA), Europe (UK, Germany & Dutch), Far East (Japan & China), Australia and the Middle East (Israel).

Our American Presence Combined with Our Financiers, Franchise and Dealership & Partner Licenses with Manufacturers or Front Line Outlet Networks Provides CII with UNEQUALED LEVERAGE to Secure Low Factory Prices at Amazing Credit Rates to the Benefit of Our Clients. THIS LEVERAGE UNDOUBTEDLY SAVES OUR CLIENTS SERIOUS HARD EARNED DOLLARS IN PROCUREMENT COSTS!!

We therefore seek to Source or Link manufacturers of key engineering products with needy Government, Quasi-Government, NGOs and Private Sector Organizations operating in the fast developing countries of Africa and South America whose booming economies are pushing for Better Quality, Efficient, Robust Engineering Products that meet International Standards at Competitive Prices.

CII has/is also developed/ing Memorandum of Understanding with organizations in the Shipping, Cargo handling and Export Services Specifically Aimed at Ensuring the Fast Delivery of its product lines. These- should we say ‘Consortia Group Organizations’ includes Freight Center in the North America; NRS-VKE Cargo Limited in the UK, Albion Export Services (UK), VW Consortia of South Africa, to name a few.

Our Team

Our Founders & Staff of Professionals Possess wide and extensive Engineering, Trading, Banking & Financial Backgrounds and have or are able to established Strategic Alliances & Relationships with Key Players in Our Chosen Industry Sectors & Markets to Ensure Efficient Delivery of Our Product Offerings at Very Competitive Rates

Select Engagements

CII has supplied various mining and industrial equipment from manufacturing organizations such as Atlas Corpco Ltd, Olympus Ltd, Caterpillar, Spencer Drill Supplies Ltd, Siemens, CIMG Of China, just to mention a few.